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UI-UX Design

Website design needs a combination of professional design and taste in choosing colors and using the latest technology

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Programming and Development

The optimal choice of the platform and programming language used is one of the most important factors for the success of the site.

It is the final work to implement the website design, which is the reconciliation between the website design codes and programming to produce the final site in all its details as desired by the client

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Mobile Applications

Mobile applications have become one of the most important ways to reach customers through smart phones

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Package and Platform

Our services start from the customer, where he chooses the appropriate package for his services, the programming language and the platform on which the website design will be executed

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Technical Analysis

Work on implementing a technical analysis of the site to determine the important mechanisms in its implementation and the techniques through which work will be done on the project

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Internal coding

Work on converting the design and images into codes to be used in programming the site to convert the shape and images into an animated design with the best technology

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Initial Analysis

Work on analyzing all the details with the client in order to reach them for all the needs and aspirations of the client in order to achieve them in reality

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Our Projects

Technology is simply the best option for your new website. Continued local help improvements. Ended up with the best solutions, join thousands of happy customers.

Welcome to dexitex

We Are Digital Agency

We always believe that continuing at the summit for commercial entities requires a lot of development in thought, in methodology, in public systems, in the services provided, so we in 2018 offer technology (formerly Jinan lovers from 2006 to 2018) with thought

methodology and a set of administrative systems and new and advanced services We strive to write the new electronic culture and bring it to the top of service providers regionally and globally

Let technology continue as the best provider of hosting services, servers, and VPS for websites, applications and software systems ERP System, and let us start a new phase of designing, programming, developing and solutions of websites and electronic stores.

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Web Developer

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Graphic Designer

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